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Waste Recycling Production plant in Marlboro

This Recycling facility is situated in Marlboro, Sandton which is 25km  from OR Tambo Airport.
The facility has been in existence for 12 years.

It employs 65 people in three shifts working 8 hours per shift, five days per week, and the capacity is 85 metric tons of raw material per day.

It is critical that organic waste (food waste) be minimized as this contaminates the recyclable material and vastly reduces the recovery rates and quality of material.

The plant has been upgraded in the last year and has been recommissioned.

The Process…

All material pass over a weigh bridge and the source is recorded.
•  A grab vehicle removes all large fractions and loads the material into the feeder.

Ballistic Separator:
•  This machine is separated into three functions being organic waste, two and a three dimensional material.
•  Two dimensional materials are identified as plastics and paper.
•  Three dimensional materials are identified as bottles, cans and tin.

Sorting Process:
•  The separated material now enters the sorting stage. This is a manual process.
•  Here 4 grades of fibrous material (paper based), 6 grades of plastic, steel, tin, glass and aluminium is extracted.

Tail-end Treatment:
•  All non-extracted materials leave the plant by conveyor and are deposited into a compactor for transport to landfill.  

Baling and Resale:
•  All materials recovered are baled and transported to re-users

Control System:
•  This entire process is monitored from a control room with 15 interactive cameras.  Any client can at any time log into the facility to view the operation online.